can only be
fully legal citizens

not such
under state supervision
should be

so as all of these
who do not even know >

that they are insane
because of all

this competing madness
which their mom forced upon them
otherwise they are not allowed there
so having no existence

hence this
being a power seizure
of all those insane

with symbioses
of all these predators
on the land in the air
and in the seas


we are having
no homo sapiens here on

but hostile

anti sapiens

power seisure
of the federal republic

where in 1951
against the express guidelines
of the basic law itself

these human rights
so article 1 + 2 etcetera ....

were set off
and instead of them only
all vanity procurements
be legalized

so all possible vanity rights

so where somebody has a lamborghini
at this

Society of Automotive Engineers

could legalize himself


that he will have some vanity from this
that he destroy his future
united with all others

which being no human fulfillment
  to ever experience

so not even a present
certainly not a past

since human rights are not at all
a guaranty since the beginning of this world
so people having no fulfillment at all

to be reading about in every history book

just this vanity procurement orgy
who no homo sapiens in their right mind
even will tolerate

because all these poor enslaved
can only prevent every ones envy
on their endless failure

  to glorify this anti all


so starting with satan personally
who is so jealous of this successful creation

so jealous that he can only see this destruction
  to wish for

up to every poor citizen
who is only on the run
  from this failure

wishing its own end
  ergo this mass of suicides

where there being one predator with the other
guarding all these total failures
from reality


that they are guarantied failures

only this eg

so this extra galactic entity here
be still in his right mind

since he is knowing
that on a million times a million worlds
in this universe

a trillion homo sapiens
forever going on

towards their fulfillment


all of these general dangers
are being so successful

that there be no

a humanity

moderate entities
for a constitutional state
to being guaranteed

just all these paranoid organized crimes

who only their

organized crime interests
let themself becoming true

from their
criminal interests come true


where every criminal safeguards his interests

but not a single party


standing up for human rights

just all of these
all danger rights

for this reason

the arctic climate
already increased by 3.1 ° C

because of all these hell machines
flying over on the ice ... the snow
their black dirt trickles on

and with it the sun's rays
not almost completely reflected back
but heat the ice and melt it

und because many areas have already melted
and then dark water comes out

even dark rock ...
then the sun's warmth
will increace their temperature

and the climate there every summer
exponentially will increase !

and thereby flipping the global climate !
because then after all this melt away
of the arctic ice

the sea level climbs up 10 meters
and the global temperature 10 ° C too!

then the ant arctic ice
due to the increased sea level
the increased sea temperature
will melt away too

and after all the ice gone there
we have 100 meters of elevation of the seas
because not only all that ice is now in the sea

but by lightening  the ant and arctic
these swim up and their coasts get bigger
meanwhile ... displacing all this sea water
the other coasts are even more flooded

and why all this ?

of course because being so easy
to let everything be promised
from such a problematic
of a democracy

and simply the biggest problem
to make your cross on ...

and then will
this big problem
compelling us all to our end
because no one even now
being able to think

so we need
an argumentocracy

and see if

we the ant and arctic ice again
can have covered with ice all year around

and the climate around the poles
are the same as a hundred years ago

otherwise we will have a 2nd venus

with not a few degrees of global increase
but up to 100 ° C because everything will burn down
including the humus everywhere
except for the sand

rubble and rocks

meanwhile no more oxygen in the atmosphere
but all this co2 from all the combustion

and therefore there is no longer any "higher" life
ergo ... no predators guarded climate flippers

whose sons bring all this madness to life for them
which today are no longer even open to discussion

because these all are savoring their madness
would be their human right

because all of these are made insane
boggeyed from the unbearable
mass of insanity

therefore no human rights

are guaranteed even now

of course not after

the situation here

will becoming a global disaster

this insanity

a disease

so mandatory
nothing of value
because unconscious

their are in principle
not of a sound mind

so no citizens at all
who can decide properly

therefore under supervision
of a state would have to be

so her state

this power seizure
would be a constitutional state
at all

so where right being spoken
so where everyone knows

what being right and wrong

meanwhile all of these
not even having

a basic law
so the supreme law to realize

because everyone is united
in this mass of madmen

so ... like with this 3rd reich too
so ... with the seizure of power in 1933
so on this 4th reich 1951

where no values are created
only slavery ... disease
poisoning and death

to all

the argumentocracy

our cosmic community

the sapiens foundation

the galactic university

the cosmic institute
the institute of cosmic religion

the utopia institute

trauma report

published by

galactic central information